Soft, Hard and Blessed Life

08-09-2022 | Empowerment | GraceStation Press


‘I want to live a soft life’ is a common mantra stated by all.  

A life of ease preferable without hard work, sacrifice and unpleasantness.  

A life filled with brunches, lunches, dinners, vacations, money in the bank, name it all. 

Wouldn’t we all love that? 

The desire for soft life is also a desire that our Father has for us. In addition, He desires we have a life filled with joy and abundant blessings.  

Yet, in our vehement pursuit of ‘the soft life’, we take matters into our own hands and do not consult the all-knowing ‘I Am that I Am,’ failing to do things that are naturally meant to make our life blessed and easier.  

Consequently, we put up with more struggles than we should, suffering from our own doings. What a wowzah! 

Since we have little to no control over other people's actions, attitudes, and mindsets but can manage ourselves and our responses to circumstances, we should aim to align ourselves with the I Am’s word and precepts, thereby having some control of outcomes that should result in us enjoying a comfortable, malleable, and progressive life in Christ.  

To live a ‘soft life’, we are called to be disciplined, hardworking and live within boundaries set by our creator, the one who knows it all and has plans to prosper us, plans to give us a hope and a future.  

It is important to note that yes, we are assured of a good and prosperous life however we will experience bouts of unpleasantness and must make sacrifices. Yet we are assured of a comfortable and progressive life as Jesus paid the full price for our sins giving us unlimited access to a blessed life. 

We are therefore called to live in purpose, love, wisdom, knowledge and understanding to enjoy the soft life and bask in blessings.  

The ingredients to an eternal soft and blessed life that is filled with joy is hard work, obedience, discipline, and grit. How cool is that? 

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