My Humble Pie

08-11-2022 | Empowerment | Gracestation Press


Ever got a gift you did not like, or have a use for, yet you thankfully accept your lot with vain appreciation? 

Well, today I was served the gift of Humble pie and, I must like it as it seems a gift I often receive. Albeit the pie often comes with different toppings which adds a new dimension to its flavour, yet its essence remains the same Humble pie 

Today's humble pie is apple flavoured, with a special sourness and underbite that comes from the undercooked apples. The flavour keeps me grounded in position and generates a sour face, yet I keep going back for more... tut-tut-tut!  

This pie also comes with an extra depth; a vivid picture of my fall from grace and a glimpse of what could have been, and I solemnly recollect what is expected of me, and what needs to be done to recover from life’s challenges.  

It offers a glimmer of hope to one without hope, of light in an otherwise dark tunnel. 

Hmm... upon reflection now, this humble pie has an overwhelming taste of fresh apples, with a bright, clean flavour of peace and fulfilment derived from being released from the shackles of pretentiousness and pride.   

I look to my waiter, the sweetest and most attentive of all beings, the Holy Spirit. He is truly indescribable and uncontainable, his presence unassuming, ever-present, and all-knowing. 

Although he always waits patiently in the wings to be acknowledged; offering his advice when sought, I realise that today he is forceful in his recommendation, even ordering this flavour of humble pie for me ahead of time. He serves it gallantly knowing once I taste it, I should change direction from pride to humility if I am not gone too far. 

As I continue munching on the pie, I become thirsty for water, I seek living water, the water that flows freely, cleansing me of all impurities bringing me back to a place of reverence and awe of my waiter, the specialist that knows what is best.   

I look at him as he smiles sheepishly knowing he has redirected my course, and I have yet again to submit to him. I grudgingly cower away in shame and embarrassment knowing I deserved this gift. With gusto, I actively devour the pie not wanting any leftovers as I fear it could be served to me yet again. I vow to do better; I vow to heed the advice of my ever-present Helper (waiter) knowing he has deep insights into all gifts of humble pies served. 

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