Who Am I?

19-04-2022 | Empowerment | GraceStation Press


I Am the Creator 

Creation is an act I alone perform, I called into existence everything in the universe 

Present in every part of my creation, I am the authority overall, with unlimited power 

I am found quietly and simply; I am the source of life. I Am the Creator 

I Am Love 

My love is unconditional, I gave and sacrificed freely my son for your sins 

My love endures forever, it is far-reaching and deeper than you can imagine 

I choose to love each of you recklessly as though there were only one of you. I Am Love 

I Am unlimited 

The God of the impossible possible, nothing is too hard for me, 

My potential cannot be comprehended, I am indescribable uncontainable 

Visible yet invincible, near yet so far away, my provisions limitless, I Am unlimited 

 I Am God all by myself 

Just and merciful, a perfect God I am what is right and just, actively compassionate 

The Alpha and Omega, the beginning, and the end, I exit in and out of time 

The first and last, I changeth not, I perform wondrous deeds, I Am God all by myself 

I Am    God the perfect heavenly Father, 

God the Son; God with us and 

God the Holy Spirit God in us 

I just Am, I am existence, I am being, I simply AM   

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