Women Empowerment

19-04-2021 | Empowerment | GraceStation Press


What do you consider empowerment to be? When you think of women's empowerment, who do you think should benefit from it? 

Women's empowerment is defined as promoting women's self-esteem, the ability to make their own decisions, and the right to influence social change for themselves and others and this benefits all.

With an already existing gap between the rich and the poor, gender inequality remains a pervasive issue. Women are more likely to be poorer and to have fewer assets making it extremely difficult to survive in today's world as a single uneducated parent- an issue faced by the majority of our beneficiaries. 

One of the main goals of GraceStation is to empower women. So far this year, we've hosted two empowerment events for our female beneficiaries, and one constant that I’ve noticed is HOPE

When we talk about female empowerment, we mean giving hope to women who have been let down by the system, and encouraging women who are capable of so much more than they are doing if given the chance. 

At our events, we invited our female beneficiaries, who included widows, single mothers, and market women. They shared their stories and listened to a few speeches from some of our guest speakers on health, entrepreneurship, and what it means to thrive, in this world as a woman. I enjoyed every minute of these events, and the women did as well. It was an opportunity for them to learn from their mistakes and realize their full potential. 

In life, we must seize every opportunity to empower those around us, even if it is just with kind words of encouragement.  Empowerment is giving someone strength when they are down. It is providing avenues for people to learn and improve their skills, and it is building up the people around you.

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