Public Faith

20-12-2021 | Empowerment | GraceStation Press


Ever been challenged to exercise spiritual muscles often neglected in our communities? A call to live out one’s faith in public? 

What do you mean, I hear you ask?

Exercising one's spiritual muscle is exhibiting public faith. Public faith is one that proactively seeks the good of our neighbours without compromising our beliefs, this is shown when we take our sermons and our quiet times with God to the streets. 

Isn’t faith personal? Why should I do it publicly? Well, I believe as Christians we are identified by our conformity to the image of Christ and our comprehension of kingdom mysteries.

This requires a transformation in character to which humility, integrity and loving our neighbour as thyself is practised. We may not feel like it initially yet sincerity and active and committed acts will embed faith. Here are a few ideas on how we have chosen to adopt a proactive approach to living out our faith during Christmas 

  • Wishing our  brothers and sisters a Merry Christmas. Such a simple gesture I hear you say, sure it is small but meaningful.
  • Donating with intent: knowing that there may be several people out there who may be struggling to feed themselves and their families this festive season. Put a smile on their faces and make a difference in their lives.

Let us flex our spiritual muscle and make a difference a step at a time

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