A call to serve #Give4Change

07-05-2021 | Empowerment | GraceStation Press


At times we look at the resources at our disposal, contemplate the demands on it and think this cannot or will not make the desired impact. We often conclude there is no point in using it for the designated purpose, declaring we will wait until we have enough before acting.


Yet, a still small voice declares we should use the resources in hand. If the still small voice is allowed room to speak, we may even hear “called to fulfil a unique role by being faithful in service”.  Despite our perception of what we have and how far it can go/reach.


As a non-profit organisation, we often review the resources in hand, the ever-increasing demands and the uncertainty of the next influx of funds and we contemplate if we truly are called to serve in such unfavourable instances. Often we concede; ‘Yes’ we need to serve and often we juggle the concept that our limited resources require that we need to save our resources for more favourable times where we perceive we can make larger impacts e.g. “real emergencies”. A showmanship approach to giving to which the definition of real emergencies will often change to suit needs, yet our call is to be faithful in servitude.


With Covid19 impacts being far-reaching and long-term, causing wider consequences for societies, national economies and global relations, and an outlook that this will continue for years to come.

The need to be faithful in servitude as a foundation is now more than ever vital in meeting the basic needs of the vulnerable, rebuilding our communities and supporting those most affected and at risk. Thus a continued approach to sponsor beneficiaries through feeding, education and health initiative is paramount areas of focus we are committed to, thereby adopting consistency and keeping hope burning


Often it is the little things that prompt an ‘act now, not later’ approach. ‘Give4Change’ the concept of stepping out of one’s comfort zone, following through on one’s calling with all and not some of our resources, trusting that all that is required to fulfil the calling will be provided in due course. In the meantime, we are developing a creative approach to using resources in hand to effect change.

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