Hope Restored

10-05-2021 | Empowerment | GraceStation Press


How do you restore hope when it appears all hope is lost?

Feeling alone with the odds against you? 

In circumstances that are too much to bear, stuck and can’t see any path forward. Things aren’t working out, feeling that you are all by yourself, at a loss and have no hope?

What a debilitating feeling; overwhelmed and no longer hopeful. 

Confidence in life is an expression of our Hope. It gives us the courage and the motivation to attain our aims. When this is lost, the basis for patience and determination of our confidence in life is missing. 

Resulting in, nothing to look forward to, no reason to be, just coasting and living aimlessly without purpose or zeal. 

Yet, well-intentioned people around us can become unhelpful as they try to problem-solve rather than give hope and life to the situation. 

We recommend you Encourage, Inspire, Equip and Connect to restore Hope.

  • Encourage expression of feelings; supportive listening encourages getting it out of your head
  • Inspire by affirming that many things are beyond us. “I am” has and will see you through. Reliving memorable moments, divine intervention and using His word to build a storehouse of hope
  • Equip by doing something different, learning new skills and breaking the cycle whilst also seeking help.
  • Connect with a community, the bigger picture and to a larger purpose of yours,  giving a new dimension and perspective

Hope requires that we speak life, especially since we always have a choice in what we speak.

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