Humanity amidst a Pandemic

18-03-2021 | Feeding | GraceStation Press


Does it randomly occur to you that some people can barely afford one meal a day, not to talk of a three squared meal? Some are malnourished and impoverished with barely a place to lay their heads?

At times life comes at us hard. Through no fault of ours, we are put in difficult situations until we are presented with a ray of hope.  GraceStation Foundation seeks to be that ray of hope- to the vulnerable in society.

COVID-19 and its resultant lockdown had the entire nation in consternation. While some could stock up on food in their homes, others who had to live on daily wages were the most affected.

How did we make an effort to bridge the inequality gap in society? As an NGO based in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, we prioritize feeding the vulnerable and less privileged by providing them with food items and other basic needs, and this was our cue to humanity. We fed people in deprived areas in communities with food items that were expected to last a period.

However, there were some hard to reach areas in different regions we could not get access to who equally were affected by the pandemic. What we figured we must do? We partnered and collaborated with other organizations that work in some of these regions to provide relief to such people.

Is there a sense of fulfillment when our beneficiaries embrace the items and grin from ear to ear? Absolutely! There is satisfaction in seeing the smiles we create on these faces.

Although these acts may overwhelm many social and humanitarian workers, the GraceStation Foundation team works tirelessly to do their best for underprivileged and vulnerable communities through the binding virtues of faith, spirituality, compassion and solidarity.

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