GSF Career Counselling Training

08-11-2022 | Education


GraceStation foundation organized a career counseling training for eleven (11) of its Senior High School graduate beneficiaries who had received admissions into various universities in Ghana. The training sought to prepare them for their new phase and generally centered on topics that included self-identification, temperaments, and leadership while touching on GSf’s Give for Change mandate.  

The choice of topics was aimed at giving them an understanding of knowing themselves while giving them answers to why they respectively behave the way they do and assuring them that they were perfect in their own way. The beneficiaries were further encouraged to take up leadership roles wherever they found themselves and making the best out of any opportunity that came their way. They were also advised on the need to give back to society in several ways such as volunteering in their communities, evangelism, among many others 

The session ended with them being introduced to the GSf annual scholarship, giving them information on what it entailed and encouraging them to put in applications once it was opened.  

The beneficiaries departed empowered and armed with adequate knowledge to pursue their individual dreams. 

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