Zaylia Starts a Trade

08-09-2022 | Empowerment


Zaylia Mohammed is a beneficiary of Gracestation foundation and resides at Darkuman. She was enrolled into the foundation when she was just a little girl in her first year in Junior High School.  

Over the years, Zaylia and her family have constantly benefited from the various GSf operational strands, mainly Feeding, Education, Health and Empowerment. 

Completing her three-year Junior High School education in 2021, Zaylia’s mother enrolled her in a vocational school due to her passion for baking. Zaylia recently graduated from the school with a certificate in baking and pastry-making. 

Her family reached out to GraceStation to support her with some baking items to start a bakery business. 

As a foundation that believes in youth empowerment, we supported Zaylia with 3 bags of 5kg soft flour, 2 containers of sugar, 10 strips of margarine, oven gloves, cake icing equipment and other essential items. 

A happy Zaylia expressed immense gratitude for the items received and mentioned that the items were going to go a long way to help her maximize production from which she would gain enough income to support herself and her family. 

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