Food Security Project

19-05-2021 | Feeding


The Food Security Project was organized for beneficiary orphanages with farmlands in the Volta Region, Central Region and the Eastern Region. Attended by a total of twenty-seven (27) individuals, this project aimed to empower farmers and farm owners with knowledge on how to fully utilize farmlands for sustenance and commercial purposes. Mr Emmanuel Nene Muange, an Agronomist who works as an Operations Manager for Milost Limited, taught the participants sustainable farming, its benefits, tips on how to be productive and effective with space, recycling of waste etc. The use of flip charts and diagrams helped the participants better understand what was being taught. Some of the farmlands were also visited and assessed and farm owners were advised on activities that could improve yield. All orphanages that participated were given maize, okra and watermelon seedlings to support the work on their farmlands at the end of the workshop.


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