Light at the End of the Tunnel

08-09-2022 | Education


We are happy to share an inspirational story of 25-year-old Christopher who lost both parents and became an orphan but now lives a happy life of redemption due to the intervention and support of GraceStation Foundation. In this post, Christopher shares his story in his own words. 

“At age 13, my four (4) siblings and I lost our dad- a then police officer, who was the sole breadwinner of the family. My mother and her five children were left not knowing our fate in Accra, with family members living far in Axim in the Western Region of Ghana. 

My mother fought tooth and nail to provide for her children, however, death laid its icy fingers on her in 2010 thereby rendering my four siblings and I complete orphans. 

Life in Accra was extremely difficult for us considering the oldest of my siblings was just 20 years old. Some extended family members from Axim suggested moving all of us back home due to the high cost of living in Accra and although this was cogent, the oldest of my siblings would not budge. We were then left to fend for ourselves in Accra after the family members had left. 

The absence of both parents in my life caused a void and emptiness that could not be filled. Losing them at such an early age had a devastating effect on my emotions and relationships with people and most especially, the finances of my siblings and me. There were instances where we had to deliberately skip breakfast and lunch just so we could have enough to provide our evening meals. 

The most difficult moments were when any one of us fell sick. The older siblings were burdened to find means of raising funds to purchase drugs and going to the hospital was a luxury we could not afford.  

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said “we can accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope”. Life at this stage was a disappointment to me, but I kept hoping for a better tomorrow.  

At age 15- my first year in Senior High School, my siblings and I saw what we believed was light at the end of the tunnel. 

My oldest brother visited a local church in the community for the first time and that was when he met the founder of GraceStation foundation in 2012. 

He supported us with food items and monthly stipends. This was almost unbelievable. A family that used to eat once a day could now afford 3 square meals. This was just the beginning of the good fortune that had befallen my siblings and me. 

Consequently, a project manager recruited and enrolled me into the foundation, and this was how our lives turned around. 

The foundation supported not just me but my siblings as well with bi-monthly food packages. They ensured we registered with the National Health Insurance Scheme to ensure that we got constant access to formal healthcare. I received educational support which saw me through my entire period in senior high school right through to university- the University of Ghana, Legon where I read Agriculture.  

Not once in my 10 years as a GraceStation foundation beneficiary have I had to go to bed on an empty stomach or did have to worry about deferring my course at the university due to late payment of school fees. This facilitated a sound mind to study and caused me to complete my tertiary education with a good grade. 

In 2021, GraceStation Foundation helped me secure a national service placement with one of   their subsidiary companies, Goshen Porche Ranch (a modern commercial farm) where I served for a year. By God’s grace and with guidance from GraceStation foundation, I have been retained as a permanent staff at Goshen Porche Ranch. 

An orphan that could barely afford a 3 square meal a few years back now has a reputable job which promises a regular monthly salary.  

My younger sister has also been awarded a yearly renewable scholarship for her tertiary education by the foundation. 

What was only but a dream for an orphan and his siblings has become a reality with the help of GraceStation foundation. 

I pray God continues to bless the institution to enable them to touch the lives of more orphans and the underprivileged in society just like I once was.” 

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