Budumburam Clean-up Exercise

08-11-2022 | Empowerment


Volunteering your time to support a cause that would bring a momentous change to an individual or a community is always worthwhile and leaves you refreshed. Under our Give for Change mandate, we encourage our beneficiaries to implement random acts of kindness in their communities as give back gestures. 

Our beneficiaries in the Budumburam community took up this mandate and organized a cleanup exercise in their community with a special focus on MacZat school in Liberia camp. MacZat school was chosen due to it being used by the foundation and its beneficiaries as a key meeting point for various activities such as training programs, food distribution and a hub for community initiatives. The cleanup exercise saw liquid and solid waste products removed, compounds swept, classrooms mopped, furniture dusted, and windows cleaned. The participating beneficiaries were pleased with their efforts and plan to carry out this activity bimonthly. 

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