Gabriel Walks Again

19-04-2022 | Health


Fifty- two-year-old Gabriel is a mason that developed complications with his liver thereby making him unable to walk. He resorted to lying on his back for almost 2 months amidst severe pains and continually prayed to God for an intervention.  

Gabriel was introduced to GraceStation foundation by his octogenarian mother who could not afford medical expenses and had to see her son’s condition deteriorate before her eyes. An initial assessment done by GraceStation showed that Gabriel had swollen feet, a protruded stomach, and constant severe chest pains. We partnered with the Liver, Kidney, and Prostate Care Foundation to support Gabriel and after basic medical tests and counseling, Gabriel was referred to a treatment center in the Eastern Region. The foundation covered the costs of his medications and treatment as well as therapy.  

Backed by constant prayers from the team at GraceStation, Gabriel is currently up on his feet, with no signs of swollen feet and protruding stomach or chest pains. The family of Gabriel expressed their immense gratitude for the support given and in the words of his mother, “I knew God will send an intervention, GSf (GraceStation foundation) was that intervention for my family.”   


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