International Women's Day

08-03-2021 | Empowerment


To commemorate International Women’s Day (IWD), GraceStation Foundation organized its maiden IWD event in March. With the global theme for 2021 being #choose2challenge, we sought to celebrate and empower our women beneficiaries through a series of talks from motivational speakers, from which they drew inspiration. 

Goshen Porsche Ranch CEO, Madam Gina Odartefio and Ms Hilda- CEO of Tappers Shea Butters were some of the speakers at the event. Some of these talks also centred on the importance of networking and the participants were encouraged to interact and exchange contacts with each other. A survivor of domestic violence shared her story, mentioning red flags to look out for and tips on what to do in such a situation. Although that part of the session was sobering, yet it encouraged the need to take action and chose to challenge what can appear normal. We had twenty-eight (28) beneficiaries in attendance and each left with gift bags from the foundation.

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