Adeiso Health Talk

20-06-2022 | Health


The transition from being a child, dependent upon one’s parents, to an independent and self-reliant adult, that is, the adolescent transition represents one of the most dynamic, broad, and influential periods of human development. During this period, the bodies of adolescents go through several changes and some interventions need to be made.

One such intervention is personal hygiene. The health department of GraceStation was at Adeiso to educate approximately one hundred and twenty (120) basic school pupils from various schools in the community on personal hygiene and body odour. The students were enlightened on the causes of body odour and the steps needed to be taken to prevent it, we emphasized that good personal hygiene involves keeping all parts of the external body clean and healthy.

In addition, we discussed the importance of maintaining both physical and mental health wellness by being mindful of what we eat, listen to, and participate in from the student's perspective. 

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