Nourishing Dora Kpogo

08-09-2022 | Health


Mary Oblitey is a single mother who used to work as fishmonger. She developed breast cancer and immediately had to stop breast feeding her new baby- Dora Kpogo due to medications she was put on. Dora was advised to supplement breastfeeding with foods with essential nutrients for the baby. This was, however, impossible because Mary lost her job after her diagnosis, hence there was no income to feed her and the baby, not to mention getting baby food with essential nutrients. This resulted in the baby getting malnourished. 

Mary and her 7-month-old baby were introduced to Gracestation by the Social Welfare Department which requested that the foundation support the baby.  

After an internal assessment carried out by the foundation, Dora was sent to the Princess Marie Louise Hospital to receive immediate attention. 

At the Princess Marie Louise Children’s Hospital, it was discovered that Dora, who was expected to weigh about 10-12kg for her age, weighed 4.5kg. Pediatrics declared her underweight and recommended that she receive emergency and intensive care.   

On admission, she received the needed care and nutritious foods. The foundation also made sure she was provided with new clothes and diapers and other essentials. The Social Welfare Department, on the other hand, arranged for Dora’s mother to receive 3 square meals while Dora was on admission. After a week, a healthy Dora, weighing 7kg was discharged together with her mother. 

The foundation provided them with baby food, and other food items such as bags of rice, oil, tomato paste and some others, enough to sustain the family for a period.

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