Let's Work

20-06-2022 | Empowerment


Let’s Work is a GraceStation capacity building short-term skills development training, given to beneficiaries to help build their skill set. The program is tailored towards the needs of GSf beneficiaries and seeks to provide parent beneficiaries with soft skills such as pastry making, liquid soap making and bead making among many others, as an additional tool for financial elevation and create in beneficiaries the ability to start and sustain a personal business. 

In this regard, a three (3) day training in pastry-making was organized for our beneficiaries in Budumburam. Beneficiaries were taken through step-by-step processes of making doughnuts, meat pies, pancakes, and spring rolls, facilitated by GSf project coordinators.  

A total of twenty-one (21) beneficiaries- nineteen (19) women and two (2) men were empowered at the end of the training period. During this period, they also received insight on starting and sustaining a business through the financial literacy training session.  

Let’s Work further seeks to aid beneficiaries gain the knowledge to achieve an improved standard of mental health and wellbeing and become more confident in economic issues. 

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