Christmas at Volta Home Orphanage

21-12-2021 | Feeding


In December, GraceStation extended the spirit of Christmas to orphans in the Volta Home Orphanage at VeDemme, Volta Region. Preparations were made to throw a party for one hundred and fifty orphans including ten staff (caretakers) at the orphanage. The children were thrilled to talent exhibitions, cultural displays, a brass band performance, as well as a brilliant performance from the chorale group. Quizzes and games were organized to test the intellectual capacity of the children and ultimately, their wish to play in a bouncy castle was actualized. 

Awards were presented to children in the home who throughout the year, had put up good behavior and great academic performance. Party packs were given to the children as well as a selection of presents which included footballs, toys, shirts, etc. We preached Christ to the children and all present and finally departed.

GraceStation Foundation exists to restore hope to people and seeing the smiles on the faces of the children after all had been done was satisfying.

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