Economic Empowerment and Sustainability Training (Liquid Soap Making)

07-04-2021 | Empowerment


In a bid to assist our beneficiaries to become self-sufficient at a point in their lives, the foundation organized a training program for them. The women’s business start-up and skill training seminar in liquid soap making was held in March and intended to provide a forum for women entrepreneurs to continue to share their experiences and provide peer-to-peer business mentoring. This was done with coaching from the foundation’s empowerment department, the beneficiaries were taken through a step-by-step process of making liquid soap and bleach. This was facilitated by an expert in the industry- Mr Stephen Walter. The ultimate goal was to empower the beneficiaries with a skill from which they can earn a sustainable income. Twenty-five (25) beneficiaries participated and 5% so far have started production and sale. 

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